“There is no power for change like a community discovering what it cares about.”

Margaret Wheatley & Deborah Frieze

Saving The Technoparc Montréal Wetlands: Transition NDG Proud To Support Guided Tours Organized by Westmount Park United Church

TNDG is proud to support the free walking tours of the Montreal Technoparc wetlands organized by Westmount Park United Church on April 14 from 10 a.m. to noon.

For the birds
Permaculture graduate Kathryn Aitken, also the key organizer of the Nature in the City series hosted by TNDG over the winter, has volunteered to help out at the event.

“After visiting the area and attending several talks, I am very saddened by what is happening there for the sake of ‘growth and development’,” she says. “The Technoparc is home to many species of birds year round and is also an important stopover location for migrating birds. Wetlands are crucial to our ecosystem. We should make sure we protect them.”

Large Turnout Expected
As one of several groups supporting the tours, TNDG has sent out an invitation to its members asking them to come out to show their support. A large number of participants are expected. Peaceful and informative, the event will provide an ideal activity for families looking for something different to do with the kids on Good Friday. There will even be birders on hand to guide participants, point out birds and talk about the various species likely to be seen.

Ornithologist Joël Coutu giving his inspiring talk as part of the Nature in the City Series hosted by Transition NDG at the Coopérative La Maison Verte in February and March 2017.

“According to ornithologist Joël Coutu, the wetlands are home to more than 100 bird species,” says Hélène Montpetit, who helped publicize the Nature in the City conferences and is lending a hand promoting the April 14 tours. “The developers have planned gardens and park areas to mitigate harm to wildlife, but natural nesting sites can’t be duplicated by humans, so it’s a good idea to just let them be. We’re also told that the planned roads and buildings could be moved to a nearby location that would not cause damage to the flora and fauna.”

Saving Wild Spaces for Future Generations
“Transition is about creating resilience and community,” says human geographer Jane Barr, who also leads TNDG’s Incredible Edibles urban gardening initiative. “Part of that is to make sure future generations can enjoy natural spaces. We at Transition NDG completely agree with the vision of making the area a protected nature park.”


A Paradiddle, a Party and a Promise to Close Our First Series of Pop-Up Cafes

On Monday, March 13th, we will be celebrating the end of a successful 8-week experiment during which we welcomed the neighbourhood at our Pop-Up Cafe on the premises of Cafe Zephyr.

Members of the community attend a Transition NDG potluck-presentation at Cafe Zephyr during a Pop-Up Café.

The Day’s Events
During our stay, we have held activities that foster Inner Transition. Among these, a few nonviolent communication workshops were led by Incredible Edibles team leader and human geographer Jane Barr. On March 13, an introductory workshop in the Work That Reconnects (WTR) has been scheduled. WTR is an open-source body of work that has grown out of the teachings and experiential methods of eco-philosopher and scholar Joanna Macy. For more information, click here .

We are dedicated to using challenging times to create a more resilient, closer-knit community that enjoys a better quality of life. To motivate change and help us better respond to the neighbourhood’s needs, artist and visionary Sonya Girard will lead a hands-on workshop to produce a collage that reflects participants’ vision of the ideal community. For more information, click here.

The Paradiddle
As of 7 p.m., get ready for an hour of interactive fun and music making. Aldo Mazza, percussionist and owner of NDG’s KoSA Music, will lead a pre-party celebration. Come experience the uplifting power of drums played in a group setting. The cost is $20 and you need to register by March 11th by emailing kathrynaitken2017@gmail.com. For more information, click here.

The Party
The drumming session will be followed by a party with music and dancing. The event is open to all TNDG members, NDG residents and anyone who is curious about Transition or wants to celebrate the mission and values of the organization. Please bring finger foods, party snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks to share!

The Promise
“As weeks progressed, people dropped in and chatted, took part in activities and told us about the skills and knowledge they want to share with the community,” says Kathryn Aitken, our fabulous main coordinator. “In fact, we have had so many good propositions that we will be extending our stay, though only during the evenings. We already have activities scheduled into May!”

Transition NDG’s Pop-Up Evenings will continue at Cafe Zephyr every Monday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

For the complete schedule of activities, click here.

Suggested reading and website links

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Thanks to everyone who came out the The Climate Café at Westmount Park United Church to hear us speak. As promised here is a list of suggested readings and websites.

Gibson-Graham, Take Back the Economy. (Free download – téléchargement gratuit)

Hopkins, Rob, The Power of Just Doing Stuff.

Eisenstein, Charles, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.

Eisenstein, Charles, Sacred Economics.

The Transition Network Website.

Post-Carbon Institute Website.