About Transition

Transition … it’s the opposite of us sitting in our armchairs complaining about what’s wrong, and instead, it’s about getting up and doing something constructive about it alongside our neighbours and fellow townsfolk. And people tell us that as a result of being involved in their local “transition initiative”, they’re happier, their community feels more robust and they have made a lot of new friends.

Rob Hopkins, Co-founder of the Transition Network

In 2004, Louise Rooney and Catherine Dunne, students at Kinsale Further Education College, were asked to apply permaculture principles to the problem of peak oil. They came up with the Transition towns concept, a model that has since evolved and been adopted by a worldwide network of communities intent on creating resilient, ecologically friendly towns and neighbourhoods.

The video above was produced in 2009. There are now over 1100 registered Transition initiatives in 43 countries working together to create resilient communities and to raise awareness of climate change, peak oil and their dependence on economic models that insist on continued growth despite Earth’s finite resources.

We invite you to discover more about the network and the various ways communities across the globe have used the model to improve quality of life in their towns and neighbourhoods.

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